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Introtek Now Providing 4th Edition Solutions

Introtek International: Sensor Manufacturer USA

Introtek International a sensor manufacturing company serves the United States and markets worldwide. For over 40 years we have been the global leader producing non-invasive, ultrasonic air bubble detectors, continuous liquid and point level sensors, optical blood component detectors, flow and occlusion sensors for medical applications/device, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, life sciences and food & beverage and aerospace industries. Introtek has maintained its commitment in providing safe, reliable products to ensure customer satisfaction. Our products lead the way in meeting O.E.M. customer’s needs for fully integrated medical device sensors that are compact, accurate, highly reliable and cost effective. Whether you require standard or custom-designed sensors, our comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities—along with our solid record of O.E.M. service proficiency–will provide you with the most reliable ultrasonic-based detection products available today. Introtek is also now providing IEC 60601-1 4th edition solutions.

We distinguish ourselves from other medical sensor companies by custom-designing every part to meet our customers’ specifications while meeting all required project development timelines. Our 40 year track for success in this field is unsurpassed. Concept turn-around time is timely and efficient. Introtek’s non-contact liquid level sensors are designed to filter out noise interference and prevent false alarms during operation. All our products are designed to be non-invasive, eliminating direct contact with the liquid inside the tubing, pipes, tanks and reservoirs.