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What Should You Look for In Your Liquid Level Measuring Device?

If you need to regularly monitor liquid levels in your place of business, you know how tedious the process can be if you don’t have the right tool for the job. Your delicate operation can’t handle an invasive process that leads to issues with your production. You need to find a device that can measure all the liquids that you need unobtrusively. There are a variety of devices that you can use for this process, and it’s important to choose the one that suits your process best.


First and foremost, you’ll want to look into an ultrasonic device. They’re the most common and popular type of continuous level sensor for a very good reason. This continuous level sensor uses sound waves bounced off the water to read the water level as accurately as possible. It’s very effective and efficient and allows for minimal disturbance of the process. It has very few downsides, but one of them is that it does not work properly in a vacuum. This won’t affect most jobs, but it may be relevant to your specific needs. If your business needs a continuous level sensor, then you can do a lot worse than the ultrasonic variety.

Free Space Radar

This is another kind of liquid detection sensor, and it’s one that may fit your business needs. This product shoots a radio wave into the liquid, and it measures the change in the wave to determine the level of the liquid. This method is quite accurate and can work in a vacuum. It’s also not easily affected by changes in temperature. However, it struggles with condensation, and foam can block the signal entirely in unfortunate situations. This is another great option for a liquid detection sensor.

Guided Wave Radar

This liquid detection sensor works very similarly to the previous one. However, it is able to bypass any issues caused by condensation or dust, making it more accurate than the free space radar. As far as a continuous liquid level sensor goes, this is one of the more powerful options. However, it is more difficult to install than one of the other kinds of sensors. If you want a continuous liquid level sensor with maximum accuracy, this is one of the better options that you have at your disposal.

Where Do I Look?

Introtek is your best bet to get a quality liquid level sensor for your business needs. If you’re in the market for a high-quality continuous liquid level sensor, make sure you check out our website to see what we have on offer. Introtek offers this and other great items at a reasonable price.