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Use of Non-Contact Sensors for the Medical Industry

Countless processes and treatments of the modern medical industry require careful monitoring with the help of highly technological devices. For such devices, whether handling bodily fluids or external medications, levels of these substances must be sensed and measured accurately. To this end, a special sensor can accommodate many device sizes while taking accurate notes of the levels of substances like blood, insulin, and IV fluids. As the name indicates, a non-contact level sensor never touches the substances being monitored in a vessel or tube, nor does the ultrasonic signal affect the given fluid, maintaining hygiene and quality.

The Function

A medical sensor manufacturer designs its products to send out constant ultrasonic waves of vibration. Waves then bounce off the surface of a given substance and bounce back to the originating sensor. Medical establishments are able to use this in measuring and monitoring liquids by interacting with the results of the sensor. The sensor uses time measurements during the “trip” of one wave from the sensor and back. These results recorded in the non-contact level sensor are then compared to the speed of sound in order to determine what level a fluid has reached.

Sensor Types

There are stainless steel metal devices offered by sensor manufacturing companies. These are able to record moisture and temperature of their associated liquids, in addition to their level. As such, these innovations can be applied to a large variety of ends, spanning more industries than medical matters. In addition, industrial and medical customers can opt for plastic sensors. These are made from nylon or polypropylene, both known for their durability. Along these lines, the plastic versions are also especially resistant to the effects due to chemicals. Like their metal counterparts, these can also be used across a wide range of industries, apart from medical applications.

Additional Benefits

The range of measurement in his specialized sensors is significant. This typically allows for use in medical containers and devices from as small as 15mm to 300mm. However, it is possible to have devices specially designed and utilized for both smaller and larger sizes. These devices are also very easy to put in place, requiring only a strap to be attached to the outer container. Furthermore, these innovations can be used for both the continuous level sensors used in the medical field and the point level sensors essential to measuring the contents of tanks and farm silos.

Introtek is able to accommodate all non-contact sensor needs for a medical establishment with our ultrasonic technology. Call us today for information on how to incorporate our products for greater comfort, success, and safety in the workplace.