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The Use of Flow Meters in the Bioprocessing Industry

The Use of Flow Meters in the Bioprocessing Industry

Bioprocessing is a diverse term generally defined as the production of value-added material sourced from everywhere around us. When it comes to bioprocessing, the source organism is responsible and alive in its environment. This process encompasses the research, manufacturing, development, and commercialization of products prepared from or used by biological systems. This includes; food, fuels, feeds, biopharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

To put it simply, bioprocessing comprises either the application or alteration of biologically derived materials for use that are beneficial to the environment.

The bioprocessing industry frequently relies on the use of liquid-based operations. They require constant monitoring and management of flow rate and fluid levels. Is there an effective way to accomplish this with the least hassle? There is!

The day-to-day use of non-invasive flow meter and fluid level sensors helps monitor and manage liquid levels accurately and repeatable. When these sensors are used, applications can easily be automated and eventually reduce inaccuracies.

Why You Should Choose Our Flow Sensors

Our IntroFlow-non-invasive flow detection sensors at Introtek are created using the latest ultrasonic technology that aids in flow measurement. The non-invasive concept offers a platform that allows for contactless measurement of fluids, thereby maintaining the facility’s safety, hygiene, and cleaning. Our solid 40-years of experience and history as one of the leading manufacturers of IntroFlow non-invasive fluid flow sensors makes us the best choice for you in the market.

Our team has exceptional training that qualifies them to offer you the best customer service while fulfilling your flow sensor needs. Reach out to us at Introtek now to discuss your flow sensor needs.