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The Evolution of the Level Sensors Industry

The Evolution of the Level Sensors Industry

From healthcare and pharmaceutics to food and beverage, a number of different industries use level sensors to control and manage their operations. A liquid level sensor, for example, can be used by companies within these industries to monitor and regulate the volume and flow of liquids in a specific contained space or through an open system.

There are two measurements that are taken with these sensors. A continuous level sensor, for instance, accurately measures the liquid levels from a plastic tube or container in a non-invasive manner. It also monitors the levels of fluid within a specific range to produce an analog output that correlates to the liquid levels in the container. Point level measurements, on the other hand, detect the fluid levels to mark a predetermined single liquid height that provides additional information about the fluid level within the container.

The use of these sophisticated level sensors is integral to several industries:


  • Sensors can be used to minimize wastage during manufacturing processes to reduce losses in time and resources while increasing work efficiency.

Food and Beverage

  • The liquid detection sensor can be effective in measuring liquids and semi-liquids in food and beverage production.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutics

  • Drug manufacturing requires a high level of specificity and accuracy to ensure the safety of consumers. Level sensors have been critical to this process for years. They can be used to monitor specific liquid levels in drugs, which is key to formulating medications with the correct concentrations.
  • Sensors are also critical to the function of a number of medical devices, including dialysis machines. Both the blood and the dialysate are closely monitored via non-invasive liquid sensors to identify potentially life-threatening leakages in the system.

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