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Our Technologies

Pulsed Technology:
Introtek provides a patented, pulse-type ultrasonic technology for detecting air bubbles, Air-in-line and liquid level detection in various fluids including Blood. Dielectric or physical properties of the tubing or fluid do not affect the functionality of the sensor.
Non-invasive Design:
Since there is no direct contact between Introtek’s sensors and the contents of a tubing or vessel, liquid compatibility and contamination concerns are eliminated. Also, the ultrasonic signal poses no threat to the fluids, which are being monitored.
The threshold for sensitivity to air bubbles is pre-determined as per the customer’s specification.
High Noise Immunity:
Introtek’s pulse-type technology greatly reduces the potential effects of EMI, RFI and other localized stimuli, which could cause a sensor to fail.
Solid State Design:
With no moving parts in its design, mechanical failure is entirely eliminated.
No Calibration Required:
Introtek sensors are all factory calibrated. High-efficiency system design provides optimum performance while eliminating the need for intricate or tedious field calibration.
Design Flexibility:
A variety of standard designs are available from single stand-alone systems to low cost / high volume modular designs for O.E.M. applications. Introtek can also develop custom sensors and circuitry to meet any form, fit & functional requirement.
Tubing Insertion Detection:
Optional feature allowing for detecting that tubing is properly inserted and located within the sensor’s tubing slot.
Blood Leak Technology:
Introtek offers an optical Blood Leak Detector, which will sense if Blood is leaking through a membrane and into clear Dialysate solution during a Dialysis procedure. This technology allows for threshold levels to be pre-engineered for alternate applications as well.