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Intro Flow: Non Invasive Flow Sensors

Intro Flow Sensor

IntroFlow Sensor

Introtek’s IntroFlow™ non-invasive fluid flow sensor devices incorporate the latest ultrasonic technology for flow measurement. The non-invasive concept provides a platform for non-contact measurement where safety, hygiene, and cleaning are of concern.
This free-entry fluid level sensor is designed for easy tube installation and can be accommodated for various tube sizes. Fully integrated electronics yield the smallest footprint with a simple interface to medical and industrial applications. The standard configuration outputs a voltage frequency that is proportional to liquid flow velocity. Absent tube and air detection are fault outputs for added value.
At Introtek International, we have a solid 40-year history as a leading manufacturer of IntroFlow noninvasive fluid flow sensor devices. From the time we first opened our doors in 1981 to today, our entire staff remains 100 percent committed to providing every customer with safe and reliable flow detection sensor products. For this free-entry fluid level sensor and other offerings, we always provide personalized service to meet, and even exceed, customer expectations.
Our entire team has exceptional training, so we can ensure that we satisfy every customer’s needs. For help with your product requirements, whether including non contact flow sensors, fluid level sensor or another device, give us a call.