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Drip Chamber: Ultrasonic Level Sensors

INTROTEK® Non-Invasive Drip Chamber Level sensors and Drip Detect Sensors are custom designed for use with soft-bodied drip chamber or larger OD tubing to overcome conditions such as relaxation, slippage or vibration, which would normally cause false air alarms. Each Ultrasonic drip chamber level sensor is custom designed for the specific drip chamber and is available with single and multi point detection. Ultrasonic level sensors are designed to meet OEM form, fit and functional specifications for various diameters and tapers.

Many Introtek products are critical to medical device operations, guaranteeing the highest degree of reliability and accuracy. Our designs and decades of expertise provide optimum accuracy in conjunction with simple installation and operation.  Introtek Ultrasonic liquid level sensors maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

Introtek Ultrasonic level sensors are available in an array of configurations and allow for remote administration, enabling medical staff to tend to additional tasks. Our ultrasonic drip chamber level sensors and many additional non-invasive sensing platforms assist are used in, but not limited to:

  • Hemodialysis
  • Blood Processing
  • Auto-transfusion
  • Apheresis
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Heart-Lung Bypass
  • Enteral Feeding

Introtek Non-Invasive Drip Chamber Level Sensors

Introtek’s Ultrasonic Drip Chamber Level Sensors provide the following benefits::

  • Sleek, non-invasive design package
  • Can be customized for use with almost any clear drip chamber
  • Finger grips provide an easy, self-clamping attachment and removal from drip chamber
  • Integrated Electronics
  • Accurately outputs optical pulse for each drop during IV infusion
  • High noise immunity to EMI and RFI

Introtek Drip Chamber Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors

Introtek’s Drip Chamber Ultrasonic Fluid Level Sensors provide the following benefits:

  • Simple uni-body construction with no moving parts.
  • Reliable pulse-type, non-invasive technology with electronics options available per your specifications.
  • Dry coupled; no coupling gel required.
  • Provides constant visual confirmation of liquid level.
  • Not affected by fluid color or tubing material. Will detect foam as air.
  • Resists the effects of drip chamber relaxation, slippage and vibration.
  • High noise immunity to EMI and RFI. High immunity to false alarm.