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BC1 – Mini Blood Component Detector and Sensors


BC1- Miniature Blood Component Detector

Introtek’s BC1 mini blood component detector performs optical-based, non-invasive detection for fluid within clear tubing for many critical processes. Unwanted elements in the fluid can be detected to ensure the safety of a procedure or process.
The blood leak detector, also referred to as a blood component detector, is available in several configurations. These configurations support different interfaces and are considerations based on the intent or type of design integration. Configuration options are linked to the PDF instruction manual.
When you need to select the appropriate blood leak detector or mini blood component sensor for your specific application, turn to Introtek International, the original designer of the mini blood component detector device. With our 40 years as a leading manufacturer of non-invasive blood leak sensor devices, our highly qualified team has gone above and beyond to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. Give us a call today for personalized service.