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BDR / BDS / BDRI Series Sensors


Custom Clamp & Strap On Sensors

INTROTEK® BDR and latest generation BDRI clamp-on type sensors are primarily used for non-invasive Air-in-line and point liquid level detection.These sensors are designed to work with a wide range of tubing materials and sizes. In conjunction with Introtek circuitry they provide the most reliable clamp-on Air-in-line and liquid level detection available. The BDR & BDRI clamp-on sensors are recommended for applications where a mounting base is not a requirement. Depending on customer requirements, a variety of electronic options are available. INTROTEK® BDS strap-on style sensors, are utilized for point liquid level & air / liquid column detection on a variety of tubing or fluid reservoirs sizes and geometries. Standard designs can be mounted with a clamp or strap to help position the sensor. For OEM, OEM applications, various geometries, surface curvatures, multi-point options, etc. can be custom designed to meet the exact form, fit and functional specifications, for eventual integration into a device.The BDS has no moving parts and is a simple uni-body construction.