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Air Bubble Detector and Sensors

Introtek designs, develops, and manufactures accurate and innovative non-invasive air bubble sensor, air inline detector, blood leak, level and flow sensors for applications across a variety of end markets. Our bubble sensor products and services have earned a strong reputation over 4 decades for accuracy, reliability, reliable, and for meeting the individual user’s most stringent requirements throughout the world.

Introtek provides a variety of bubble sensor and air inline detectors for both medical and non-medical use. Like our other products, Introtek air bubble detectors are non-invasive; they do not interact directly with the liquid inside the tube. Many of our products are highly customizable with regards to programming and mechanical properties.

Introtek’s air bubble detector and air inline detectors are available in a variety of low input configurations. We stand by the quality of all our products and most carry the longest warranty period in the industry.

Introtek AD8 / AD9 Integral Air Bubble Sensors & Air-In-Line Sensors

  • Compact free entry design
  • Customizable integrated and remote electronic options
  • User-defined air sensitivity
  • Power input 3.3, 5, 12 & 24V options and output options
  • Optional redundant and self-test safety options.
  • Wide range of tubing sizes

Introtek BDR & BDRI Ultrasonic Clamp-on & BDS Air Bubble, Air-In-Line & Liquid Level Detection Sensors

  • Design for metal, SS, titanium and other type metal tubing.
  • Customizable integrated and remote electronic options
  • Wide range of tubing/pipe sizes.
  • Custom OEM form, fit $ functional designs

Introtek MABS Miniature Air Bubble Sensors

  • Ideal for space-restricted applications
  • Low cost
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Suitable for multiple medical devices
  • Customized integrated, remote circuity and chip only interface available.

Introtek ADU Integral Ultrasonic Air inline, Air Bubble Detector

  • Factory adjustable for non-standard tubing sizes
  • Eliminates need tooling costs for low volume quantities.
  • Customizable air sensitivity and response times
  • Customizable sizes from 1/8” to 3/8”
  • Compact free entry design