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Introtek’s Mini Blood Leak Detector

Introtek’s Mini Blood Leak Detector

Technology is taking over all aspects of our lives. But most importantly, it has become a vital tool in the medical sector, improving healthcare and saving lives around the world. Technologies like Introtek’s mini blood leak detector are some of the most important advancements in medical technology today.

Introtek Blood Leak Detectors are utilized to detect the smallest amount of blood in dialysates with in clear tubing during dialysis. To ensure patient safety during this process, blood circulation is continuously monitored throughout with special attention focused on the dialysate discharge tube for detection of possible blood leaking through a membrane. Field-programmable blood level thresholds can be easily and reliably set in the BC1 to detect even small trace amounts of blood.

When you need to select the appropriate blood leak detector for your specific application, turn to Introtek International, the original designer of the device. With our 40 years as a leading manufacturer of non-invasive blood leak sensor devices, our highly qualified team has gone above and beyond to ensure every customer’s satisfaction.

Introtek’s Non-invasive blood detectors are available in several configurations that support different interfaces and considerations based on intent or type of design integration. For more information, view the BC1 product video at Introtek provides products of unsurpassed quality, functionality, and dependability. They are manufactured to the highest medical device standards at our TUV certified ISO 13485 facility and are backed by a three-year warranty.


AMETEK Inc. has acquired Magnetrol International Incorporated, the parent company of Introtek International, which will be part of the AMETEK Sensor, Test & Calibration business unit. AMETEK is a leading supplier of medical materials, sub-assemblies and connectors, production, and Quality Control equipment. The product portfolio from Introtek is highly complementary to the existing portfolio of medical devices and sensors from AMETEK Sensor, Test & Calibration and will enhance our ability to serve our customers with level and flow measurements no matter what industry or application. Introtek International designs, develops, and manufactures accurate and innovative non-invasive air bubble, air-inline, blood leak, level and flow sensors for applications across a variety of end markets. The products and services have earned a strong reputation for accurate, reliable, and rugged products that meet the individual users needs throughout the world.