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Introtek Now Providing 4th Edition Solutions


Recent Acquisition

Magnetrol, along with Orion Instruments, SWI and Introtek, are pleased to announce we have been acquired by AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME) | Read more..

Flow sensor

Introtek Int’l introduces it’s latest ultrasonic sensor for non-invasive flow detection. The IntroFlow non-invasive flow sensor, providing non-contact measurement of flow velocity.

Introtek Now Providing 4th Edition Solutions

IEC 60601-1-2 Ed 4:2014Introtek now Providing 4th Edition Solutions where sensors are required to meet the latest EMC standards per IEC 60601-1-2 Ed 4:2014, in order to make certain medical devices safer for use in three specifically intended environmental categories: 1) Professional healthcare 2) Home healthcare 3) Special environments.

Introtek’s Newest Innovation for Non-invasive Liquid Level Sensing

Non-invasive Drip Detect SensorIntrotek Non-invasive Drip Detect Sensor is specifically designed to provide real time monitoring of oil and fluid drip rates, where drip detection is critical in oil-lubricated vertical turbine irrigation well pumps and similar type equipment. The non-invasive design concept facilitates contact-free drip detect through oil flow sight glass. Should the sensor detect a drip rate (flow) below a specified threshold, the pump can be shut down. By ensuring consistent lubrication during pump operations, this drip detect sensor can prolong a pump’s life span, prevent costly equipment repairs and replacement, and help save money on oil consumption. Fully integrated electronics yield a compact design that can be customized to meet your specific application

Non-Invasive, Latest Generation BDR Clamp-On Liquid Level Sensor

Non-Invasive  Liquid  Level  and  Air  Bubble  SensorsINTROTEK INTERNATIONAL, Edgewood, NY, a global leader in  ultrasonic  technology  introduces  their  latest  integrated  design for the BDR series of Non-Invasive  Liquid  Level  and  Air  Bubble  Sensors. The  latest  generation integrated BDR delivers the answer for challenging non-invasive  liquid  level  and  air  bubble  detection  for  a  wide  variety  of  rigid  tubing  size  and  materials  including  plastic,  metal, and stainless steel. The BDR series sensor is designed for  easy  install,  is  dry  coupled  for  metal  and  steel  tubes  and  withstands  the  rigorous  and  demanding  usage  often  found  in  the Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, Chemical, Waste Management, Aerospace   and   Food   &   Beverage   industries.