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2020-2021 Trade Show Schedule

Introtek Now Providing 4th Edition Solutions


BDRI-Clamp-On-Liquid-Level-Sensor Introtek’s BDRI are the latest generation Non-invasive Liquid Level Sensors incorporating integrated electronics within a new, sleek compact design. The BDRI series of sensors are designed to work with...

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Introtek’s Newest Innovation for Non-invasive Liquid Level Sensing

Introtek Non-invasive Drip Detect Sensor is specifically designed to provide real time monitoring of oil and fluid drip rates, where drip detection is critical in oil-lubricated vertical turbine irrigation well...

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Non-Invasive, Latest Generation BDR Clamp-On Liquid Level Sensor

INTROTEK INTERNATIONAL, Edgewood, NY, a global leader in  ultrasonic  technology  introduces  their  latest  integrated  design for the BDR series of Non-Invasive  Liquid  Level  and  Air  Bubble  Sensors. The  latest  generation...

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DDS---Drip-Detect-Sensor Introtek’s optical technology, non-invasive designed sensor measures the instantaneous drip rate by accurately outputting a pulse for each drop of liquid. The Drip Detect Sensor can be customized &...

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Custom-Air-Bubble-Detector Introtek’s ultrasonic free entry, non-invasive air bubble & air-in-line detectors can be customized for almost any customer specific application. Various geometrical and performance options can modified to meet any...

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Combination-Drip-Detect-Liquid-Level-Sensor Introtek has combined two critical features in one non-invasive, sleek, compact sensor design. Our latest drip chamber sensor reliably measures liquid level while monitoring the instantaneous drip rate for...

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