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    Medical Devices

    Medical devices are used to infuse blood, saline, drug delivery or any type of fluid into a patients’ cardiovascular system. Introtek’s non-invasive air bubble sensors are widely employed in these applications to detect and prevent a significant amount of air from getting infused into the patients’ veins or arteries. Some typical applications include:

    • Hemodialysis
    • Blood Processing
    • Auto-transfusion
    • Apheresis
    • Infusion Pumps
    • Heart-Lung Bypass
    • Enteral Feeding
  • Biotech


    This field utilizes living organisms and bioprocesses with the goal of modifying human health and our environment. Introtek has been a key supplier of manufactures that supply precision equipment to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and academic research industries throughout the world with non-invasive end of sample, level and bubble detection sensors. Some typical applications include:

    • Egg vaccine production
    • DNA Analysis
    • Stem Cell research
    • Fluid analysis
    • Chromatography
  • Pharmaceutical


    The pharmaceutical industry has a high dependence on equipment to run 24hrs a day for the manufacturing of medications. As a multitrillion dollar industry, Introtek customers depend on our high reliability sensors for non-invasive end of sample, bubble detection and sample level. Several industries in which Introtek’s equipment can be found are below:

    • DNA analysis
    • Drug quality control
    • Fluid dispensing
    • Bulk-drug pharmaceutical equipment
  • ProcessIndustries

    Process Industries

    Manufacturing that is associated with formulas and manufacturing recipes to create products. Introtek’s customer’s range from beverage manufacturers and semiconductor equipment manufactures to water treatment contractors. Introtek’s sensors give the equipment manufacturer a unique solution of a non-invasive sensor that avoids contamination of their process. Introtek’s sensors can be found in the following types of equipment:

    • Chemical processing
    • Food and Beverage
    • Semiconductor processing