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Mission Statement


We are committed to continue as the World Leader in the design and manufacture of fluidic system solutions that will completely satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers in a preferred partnership by:

  • Ensuring a positive environment for each associate on our team by developing them for a diverse, open, inspired and technologically advanced culture where each associate is valued and fully engaged.
  • Ensuring that the highest standards of corporate citizenship are an inherent part of the way we conduct business.
  • Fostering an operationally effective organization for designing, manufacturing and bringing superior quality products and services to market that consistently exceed customer expectations and facilitate customer partnerships.
  • Implementing a continuous improvement program that works toward the reduction, elimination and prevention of nonconformities and waste.
  • Exceeding industry growth focusing on key market segments and adapting our products, distribution, manufacturing and services to best address current and emerging customer needs.
  • Core Values: Leadership, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Growth with relation to our Associates, Customers, Owner and Community.

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The entire organization stands behind our Company Quality Policy:

“We are committed to design, manufacture, and deliver total quality products that will completely satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.

This is accomplished by the implementation of a program of continuous improvement, which works towards the reduction, elimination, and prevention of nonconformities.”