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Introtek has excelled for over 40 years as a leading manufacturer of non-invasive fluid detection devices. Since it’s inception in 1981, Introtek has maintained its commitment in providing safe, reliable products to ensure customer satisfaction. Introtek’s sales team works closely with our customers to provide Introtek solutions to meet their “Total Fluidic System” requirements. We collaborate with your team through the entire process, customizing sensors to the exact application at reasonable prices. Introtek’s engineering design team specializes in taking custom requirements from concept to completion using highly innovative ideas, while working closely with the customer in order to obtain maximum results. Introtek’s manufacturing team is a highly trained group of individuals dedicated to producing top-rated quality products utilizing the latest technology, while consistently meeting customer delivery dates. The entire organization stands behind our Company Quality Policy: We are committed to design, manufacture, and deliver total quality products that will completely satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. This is accomplished by the implementation of a program of continuous improvement, which works towards the reduction,elimination, and prevention of nonconformities.